A Sip of Story
1993 / 12 track / 42:16

A Sip of Story


Spirit Band

Yes, I'm gonna give a bagoos,
but I'm gonna give a paint
'Cos the spirit band will never die..

Iwalk in the town
Lights in my brain
Every shadow moon.
I wear Ruby tie,
Looking for a faint
We dancing..

My spirit ban it's an other
Faither ís my felt,cramble
That's know live my band will never die

I flash my head
Ibrush kid your face
The ghosts will singing blues.
I straight in the el
Your spirit come my spirit
I love your song.


Why see, when I'm,
From 59 if I,
iT'S playing piano
And singing of the why
Agree looked the sexy
From brisé night if all
Noww you can hear me
I hear, come on..

My Dog Mojo

Fat/my friend Joe is married ???
the brown sisters are merry
but im a lonely man

we listen to the radio
and we wait for better days
and we just want
a got no death
we listen to the foxie
and were watching every dog
how come we still live alone

i know its my fault
that ive got only Mojo
he is a funny dog
hes coming with me when I go
i take him to the parties
as I always buy him bear
when he gets too drunk
its roaring in my ear
if I cant say no more
if Im dizzy I just say
could you take me home

One day ill go home
to say whos seen my good dog
will have a pint and
want to take up my good mojo
we will make some sandwitches
and Ill take some dry champaigne
that will (?) stop me
when I try to loose this shame
well talk about our memories
just walk my dog in time
i wish it was tonight

Dancing On My Grave

I'm Gonna Kick

Bad Dreams

Broken Glass

Go With The Flow

Istanbul Camel

Strange Morning

Rotten Vein

Look At This Boy